Great MBA Qualification Jobs You Should Consider

About 100 years ago, Dartmouth College’s Tuck School started the MBA program. At the time, the program had only four students taking classes. No one could have imagined the program would go on to be so successful. However, today, the MBA program is one of the most popular post-graduate qualifications in the US with a list of great MBA qualification jobs to attain after.

The popularity of the degree is due to many reasons. For instance, the degree is versatile. That means its holders can work with different career paths. Besides, the popularity of the degree means there are so many jobs out there to choose from. 

Therefore, if you graduate with this degree or are an intending graduate, you should know you are on the right track. In this article, we will explore:

  • What is an MBA?
  • What are the requirements for an MBA?
  • Top 11 MBA Qualification Jobs that you can apply for
  • How to get the MBA job of your dream
  • Conclusion 

What is an MBA?

MBA is a common abbreviation that represents Master of Business Administration. It is the degree that one receives after completing a post-graduate course in business.

The core coursework within the degree strengthens the foundational knowledge and skills in business management, marketing, and accounting. MBAs are for people who have undergraduate degrees in business and business-related fields. However, people who do not have qualifications in such areas can also apply for MBAs to build some level of business competence. Therefore, it’s popular these days to see business professionals with diverse backgrounds pursuing MBAs. That is because an MBA makes them more marketable, increases their earnings, and also elevates their chances at MBA qualification jobs.      

In most cases, people who finish their MBAs do not go any further with education. Instead, they join a business or start something on their own. 

However, you might find a few people who obtain a doctorate in Business Management after getting their MBA in some cases. Such people would study and conduct business research and then receive a Ph.D. or a DBA (Doctorate in Business Administration).     

It takes about two years to complete a standard full-time MBA. However, these days, there are accelerated full-time programs that run for just one year. This is a prevalent practice in many business schools, especially those outside the US.

Aside from the full-time program, there are also part-time MBA and executive programs. The duration of these programs varies depending on how many credits you enroll for each semester. The executive and part-time programs are special arrangements for working professionals. That is, those who are combining schooling with other activities like running a business on the side. 

MBA Qualification Jobs: Requirements for an MBA

Your application must include the following essential requirements to apply for an MBA degree.  

  • Standardized test scores
  • Resumes
  • Academic transcripts 
  • Essays 
  • Recommendation letters.

Standardized test scores and essays

The type of standardized test you will write will depend on what your school wants. In most cases, your school will request either a GRE or GMAT. There are also a lot of schools out there that have standardized tests optional for their applicants. As such, you will not need to write any standardized test to become a student in such schools. In some business schools, the waiver is usually conditional. That is, they will waive the standardized test scores provided you can present an impressive GPA from college or a solid work experience. 

Some Business schools also conduct interviews with their applicants. Alternatively, they might ask that candidates submit video essays about themselves.  

Work experience and letter of recommendation

In many cases, business schools prefer applicants who have extensive work experience. That is why these schools require you to send in your resume along with your application. Having extensive experience is not a hard rule anyway. You can always substitute work experience with a good GPA. However, you must be a recent graduate from college to get accepted. This is why business schools will need you to submit your transcript as part of the procedure to get admission. In addition to the academic transcript, you will also need to submit some essays to prove that you are smart enough to handle the course. 

The final parts of your application are the letter of recommendation. This part is crucial because it allows the school to see how your career has progressed over the years. The letters will show the school how you have handled positions of professional responsibility in the past. It will also show your success stories from your previous school or workplace. The recommendation can come from your college or your current workplace, past employer, or someone reputable in the community. 

Top 11 MBA Qualification Jobs that you can apply for

One of the main reasons people obtain degrees is so they can improve their chances of getting jobs. Therefore, whether you are a student in school, you already have your MBA, or you are still considering things, job prospects should be an essential factor for you. We have done proper research for you, and we have put together some of the best jobs. The following are 11 of the best MBA Qualification Jobs you can consider.  

 Marketing Manager

A marketing manager is in charge of the company’s products. He is to develop pricing strategies for maximum sales and also manage budgets. The job of a marketing manager also extends to getting new clients for the company to expand. Marketing managers in the US earn an average salary of $123,450 annually. 

Health Services Manager

Health service managers monitor health companies. Their job is to ensure that these companies follow the regulations of the government regarding healthcare delivery. They work with doctors, clerical staff members, and technicians to ensure that health care delivery is perfect and everything is in the proper condition.   

Business Operations Manager

A business operations manager uses his skill set to help businesses overcome challenges. These challenges include issues in operations and supply chain management. Ideally, his job is to manage the global supply chain of a company effectively and efficiently. One of the significant advantages of this job is that you can work in several industries. The average annual salary for a job in the US is $99,310. 

Computer and Information Systems Manager

A computer and information system manager is responsible for all computer activities in an organization. That includes coordination, planning, and directing all computer activities. Their role is to develop IT goals for the company and ensure that its systems can achieve the goals. The average annual salary for this job in the US is $135,800. 

Financial Manager

As a financial manager, you will monitor and oversee finances, financial activities, and business transactions. That means they manage all of the company’s investment and cash activities. They also create finance procedures and are directly involved in the development of budgets. The average annual salary for this job in the US is $109,740. 

Information Technology Director

Also called an IT director, the information Technology director manages the information technology equipment of the company. His job also involves all computer-related activities and services in a company. He will determine the IT goals of the company where he works, and he is responsible for implementing the systems need to meet all company goals. The average annual salary for this job in the US is $105,812. 

Investment Fund Manager

Investment fund managers help organizations by providing them with the needed advice on investing their money. Investments could be for the organization or the members of staff in the organization. Primarily, they advise businesses and individuals on stocks, real estate, and other investment markets. The average annual salary for this job in the US is $121,750. 

Chief Technology Officer

As a chief technology officer, your role is to create the technical vision for your organization. You will also be in charge of the technology team in your company. That means you will be the one to translate the vision to other staff members in the best possible way. Your job will also cover research, development, and special projects in the firm. The average annual salary for this job in the US is $151,270.

As an operations research analyst, your work revolves around all aspects of the company. You will help the managers decide the best ways to allocate company resources. Also, you will help create efficient and effective production methods and schedules. Your work will also involve the management of the supply chain. There you will see that the company delivers its products on time and with the best prices. The average annual salary for this job in the US is $82,940. 

 Management Analyst/Consultant

Operations Research Analyst

Management analysts and consultants do the same job. They help organizations discover and implement ways to boost their efficiencies. They also help their clients reduce costs. The average annual salary for this job in the US is $86,181. 

Market Research Analyst  

Marketing is a vital aspect of any business. Therefore, business owners need a lot of research in this area. Before a product is released into the market, the management needs to know if it’s valuable. They need to know who their potential customers are and many other things. These things and many more are the areas of expertise that a market research analyst handles. The median salary for Market Research Analysts in the US is $63,120.   

How to get the MBA Qualification Jobs of your dream

The popularity of an MBA means two things. One, it means there are lots of opportunities out there waiting for people with MBAs. Also, it means that there are lots of people out there seeking the juicy parts of these opportunities like you. Therefore, to claim your spot and gain the MBA qualification jobs of your dream, you need to do something better than the others. 

One way to do that is to start preparing ahead for the job of your dreams. Many people make the mistake of starting their job search when they are done with their MBAs. You should start the search early so you can get the best jobs without having to settle for one you don’t like in haste. One way to do things early is to use an executive recruiting agency. These are special agencies that firms hire to get qualified candidates for them. Below is how you can go about the process. 

Create a proper resume using the executive format

Your resume is one of the most important documents that will determine whether you will gain employment or not. It is a document that helps you market yourself to your intending employee. It gives a summary of your qualifications, skills, and background. That way, your employee has a view of who you are without necessarily meeting you. 

To write a compelling resume that will get you a job, you can outsource it to a professional resume writer. In the alternative, you can ask an alumnus who has a job in the firm of your interest. You will see that the resume of these people differs from what you have on your graduate resume. The way they have their resume will give you an idea of how you should write yours.  

Create relationships that matter with MBA qualification jobs recruiting agencies.

A good relationship is vital for you to build a promising career. You need to build relationships with your peers and also with people ahead of you. The excellent relationship you secure with your peers and graduate school will help you secure a good relationship with recruiting agencies. The earlier you can meet with these agencies, the easier and faster your job search will be. When they know you early enough, they can help you plan to have the best when the time is right.   

Create a valuable network

To get a good job, you need to know people of value. These people can be your peers from graduate school or people from the same industry. The more people you know, the better for you.  


Having an MBA is an excellent step towards a rewarding future. The above are just a few of the options available to you. In reality, there are hundreds of jobs you can get with your MBA. You could even decide to work on your own as an entrepreneur. Whichever path you choose, ensure that you prepare yourself to find your way to the top.  

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