Innovative Learning Methods For All Students

Adding innovation to learning already feels like too much of a task. But if we are going to be doing it anyway, then we will make sure it is the best by telling you the seven best innovative learning methods for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

In acquiring knowledge, skills, and experience, which is simply put “learning,” educators try out different learning methods to get the best way to impart knowledge to their students. This quest led to the inception of diverse, innovative learning methods.

Innovative learning is a system of learning like creative learning. In this method, the students and instructors come up with preferred learning methods, aside from the traditional way. In this method, technology is usually an integral part. This helps enhance the student’s learning experiences.

A significant part of the learning process is the student’s active participation, which is the major interest of innovative learning methods. Over the years, these methods have proven to increase students’ interest in learning, as they help you engage actively and get to ask new questions.

You can research, learn new experiences, and challenge the status quo instead of sticking to the old method of receiving the lecture from a particular source or person.

Innovative learning methods are now the next best thing for both undergraduates and postgraduates students.

In this article, we will cover:

  • Introducing Innovative Learning Methods For Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students
  • Innovative learning methods
  • Pros of innovative learning
  • Cons of the innovative learning process

Introducing Innovative Learning Methods For Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students

You may have come across this method before, or maybe not, and just like it is with every change, it might feel strange to dive into and might cause some skepticism and proof challenging to adopt. 

Here are some ways these methods can be slowly but easily implemented in various educational systems.

Everyone has a role to play in this. However, here are some tips for instructors and the institution’s management.

  • Purchase necessary technological devices and materials for regular exercises. This is a good place to start if thinking towards innovative learning methods.
  • Start asking open-ended questions. Asking your students questions without textbook answers will help them be open to new ideas and think outside the box.
  • Personality study is important. This way, teachers pay attention to how best their students learn. This allows them to understand and carefully choose effective methods to adopt when choosing from its variety.
  •  Let your students take risks! By challenging your students with tasks without providing immediate guidance, they get to proffer different solutions to problems, whether conventional or not. You can then correct them, but the experience is what matters the most.

7  Innovative Learning Methods 

As promised earlier, we will be discussing some innovative learning methods extensively to enlighten you on these methods.

Inquiry-based learning method

Admittedly, that curiosity and eagerness tend to increase in children during their tender ages. However, it does not end there. In fact, as adults or young adults, you now ask more realistic questions of why, why not, or what if. Unlike questions asked by toddlers and children, your questions are based on facts and past experiences, hence more practical.

In inquiry-based learning, you have the liberty to construct your questions and what triggers your curiosity. You can do this during the time allocated for research during class hours. After this, you can review what you’ve learned in the class and reflect on what worked or did not.

QR codes learning method

QR learning methods are a unique learning method where the students have access to materials any time, and in whatever format they need. Through this method, you can check relevant answers to schoolwork and get survey information.

Here, you can access video tutorials on relevant topics that are of interest to you for the students. All these materials and resources are available to the public for anyone who needs them.

Project-based learning method

Project-based learning makes use of real-life situations. As undergraduates and postgraduate students, you are at liberty to participate in various projects. These projects might be inconvenient or not too safe for lower grades educational students. The good thing is that you can make use of technological devices when doing your tasks.

This not only makes the learning environment more engaging, which is a topmost priority. This learning method also enhances your knowledge in the practical use of tools. It also sharpens your problem-solving skills for the future.

Classroom technology

This is another example of innovative learning methods, which is important and has proven to yield results; hence it is essential to adopt in the classroom technology. With the everyday tides that are leaning towards technological advancements, postgraduate and undergraduate students are also taking advantage of this to make learning more effective.

In this method, all students have individual technological gadgets that they can use to carry out school work effectively during school time.

They can also take these gadgets home to continue school work and do proper research. Doing this helps them be more in touch with new developments and update research materials as soon as they are out.

Classic jigsaw method

The classic jigsaw method is as fun as it sounds and helps you achieve academic excellence and other developmental abilities as they continue. In this method, the students are shared into groups, and they divide topics of interest among these groups.

You must research the topic given to your group and share your knowledge amongst your group members. 

Upon completion, you will teach the entire class on your topic. But the learning does not stop there, as you are then required to mix with other groups and share their ideas. 

This method helps students to learn independently and develop good people skills by interacting with other students. It also allows students to be bold enough to share ideas within small groups and large groups alike.


3D printing is another innovative learning method that will be perfect for postgraduate and undergraduate students. As advanced adults, the 3D printing methods do not leave you at the mercy of your imagination when receiving new ideas.

The printers can print materials such as parts of a machine, parts of organs, etc., which helps make the learning process more physical and exciting. 

Virtual reality

This is another method that targets a better learning experience, maximizes, and considers the ever-demanding and growing world of technology in our everyday lives. 

With this technology in place, tours to areas of interest or activities that you cannot carry out can be viewed as though one was present.

This also serves as a plus for you if you’re a more visual than theoretical learner.

Pros Of Innovative Learning Methods

Innovative learning methods are undoubtedly the next best thing, as millennials would call it. When applied effectively and correctly, it opens students and lecturers or instructors alike to endless opportunities and ideas.

Some of these include.

  • Varieties of learning aids and applications help undergraduate and postgraduate students participate actively in their learning process. These aides and applications help to personalize the learning process.
  • Some applications that lecturers can use for grading and corrections save time for lectures and students alike.
  • The need for carrying large textbooks and long hours in the library is almost eliminated as students can access any material they need via the provision of advanced classroom technology.
  • The advanced learning environment provides direct access to instructors. This provides a platform for students to share difficulties despite their location.
  • It increases engagement among students and enthusiasm for schoolwork due to new innovative, fun methods.
  • Curiosity among students is sparked due to the use of creative methods. They want to know how these things work and experience them for themselves.

Cons Of Innovative Learning Methods

As much as these methods may seem too good to be true, they are all very effective. However, they may not be free from some challenges as they may not be applicable to every environment no matter how much we desire them.

Some of these cons may make innovative learning methods prove abortive or less effective as it is included.

  • To fully implement these methods, the institution would have to provide these required digital devices. However, a BOYD policy, which gives room for you as a student to bring your devices to the school environment.
  • As much as it is helpful, virtual reality might lead to withdrawal if used too frequently. This leads to finding comfort from devices instead of healthy human relationships. Timing of activities and proper use of all methods, not focusing on one, is advised.
  • As much as the goal is to make learning fun, not all fun methods can impact meaning knowledge for every concept. As a teacher, the need to effectively learn these methods and apply them to different concepts is necessary.


Innovative learning methods are a dawn of a new era in keeping up with people’s insatiable appetite for knowledge. By the end of this article, you should understand what innovative learning methods are, how you can adopt this method into the educational system, and the seven best innovative learning methods for undergraduates and postgraduate students.

The methods of innovative learning were not only listed but explained in detail. Its application was described for easy understanding, and the qualities it helps the students build were highlighted.

We discussed the pros and cons of innovative learning, and we provided ways to curb the cons effectively.

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