Perfect Remote Internship in College-7 Tips to Find One

Due to the pandemic and the lockdown resulting from that, many things have gone remote. Schooling, externships, jobs, and now internships now take place remotely. It’s great that the present situation doesn’t hamper students’ outlook and those who recently graduated. A remote internship is just as valuable and fulfilling as an internship carried out in person. You can still be engaged in your internship with the right attitude. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in person or remote; internships help to bolster your skills and give you access to connections that would be valuable in the job market. However, finding the perfect remote internship in college can be tricky.

An internship is supposed to allow you to explore your available career options while gaining the necessary experience. If you have a clear notion of what you want to do or what you’re looking at, the next step is finding that perfect internship. This article covers seven strategies to find the ideal remote internship in college. Let’s dive right in and discover the ways.

Strategy 1: Make a Quick Record of What’s Available

You have to become aware of what’s available to you before you start applying. This is the most crucial step to finding the perfect remote internship in college. To effectively do this, you have to take a personal moment to reflect on yourself. Think about your experience and the activities you’ve been participating in. While thinking about these things, consider which is more meaningful to you in a career. Making this decision will help you decide the opportunities that would be perfect for you. You would also have a better idea of the suitable industries for you.

Make a list, if needed, of your strengths and values. What opportunities match your skills, and what kind of people would you love to work with? You also need to determine if you’re looking for a paid internship or you don’t mind a paid internship. Would you like to study within your geographical location, or do you prefer an international remote internship? Once you have the correct answer to these questions, it will narrow the list down for you, and you can create a record of what opportunities are available for you.

You can go a step further to see a career advisor explore gaps. Once you decide on the opportunities available to you, you can choose to develop these career paths to prepare you for online courses. Look out for professional development prospects and see if there are any open to you to help you improve your skills. Doing this will significantly heighten your chances of finding the perfect remote internship in college.

Strategy 2: Make a List of Prospective Companies

It’s great that you know the opportunities available to you and the career path you want to follow. The next step is finding out the companies and organizations that fit the bill and make a list of them. Carry out some research and find the right people to talk to. These people should be able to help you discover the right opportunities that would be perfect for you. You can jot a few industries down and roles you would like to explore—also, research companies in that industry with values and interests align with yours.

Check out professional platforms like LinkedIn and check the profile of those who occupy positions you look forward to. Go through their profile to find out where they started and the various organizations they’ve worked for. Research opportunities within multiple industries, and then create a list of potential organizations you would like to work with. 

Strategy 3: Begin Networking

Networking is essential and plays a vital part in helping you find the perfect remote internship in college. Networking revolves around building some relationships and sourcing for information and advice. It is a great way to find opportunities in your preferred industry. Networking involves talking to the people who work in that industry or occupy the role you want. You can easily find the right people to network within your department or on platforms like LinkedIn. Alternatively, you can check LinkedIn groups that affiliate with your college.

You could also check your school alumni in companies or career fields you’re interested in. Inform your friends, classmates, and family members that you’re looking for an internship. If you’ve previously worked, don’t hesitate to inform former colleagues. The more people you enlist their help when networking, the more opportunities would be available to you.

You should have a plan in place when you’re networking and make it efficient. Although it’s easy to find people who are happy to help, their focus is usually on their employment. Therefore, you need to ensure that every minute spent with them is well spent. You can start with a plan. Craft the questions you would like to ask the professionals in your field. After talking with these professionals and listening to their advice, learn to show your appreciation for their help. You could send a thank you email to them or even a note. 

Strategy 4: Prepare Your Documents

If you want your search for the perfect remote internship to be successful, you have to make sure your documents are in order. If you don’t have a resume, now would be a great time to create one. You can explore guides online to help you craft the appropriate resume, cover letter, and CV. When creating your resume and cover letter, ensure you highlight your remote experience if you have any. If you’ve ever attended virtual classes or completed projects remotely, now would be a good time to mention it. You should also list your skills that are remote-friendly. There are vital skills that employers look for in remote workers, ensure they appear in your resume. Some of these skills include communication skills, technology-oriented, focus, and even effective time management. 

If there are programs that you’re good with, like Slack, Zoom, and others, you should also mention them. As a remote intern, you might have to use one of these programs a lot. Informing potential employees in your resume that you’re good with these documents is vital. After creating them, ensure you enlist the help of people to give you feedback on the documents. Get multiple people to go through the documents and review them for you. If you want professional feedback, you can contact a career advisor and get a review. 

Strategy 5: Explore Job Sites to Find the Perfect Remote Internship

The fastest way to find that perfect remote internship in college is by looking online. Technology is here to help and should be fully utilized, especially for your internship search. There are many job sites available to you with filters you can use to focus on internships. When you register on these platforms, they might even begin sending recommendations to you. An excellent place to get started on your remote internship search is your college’s job board. Ask for access to the school’s database for jobs and internships. You might get lucky to find open positions that fit your preference, and you can apply.

An alternative is Google; Google’s always your friend and offers the quickest way to find the perfect internship. All you have to do is efficiently search with specific keywords like remote internships or remote international internships. Once you click on the ‘go’ arrow, it will load up hundreds of opportunities for you. 

You can narrow the search down with specific keywords like adding the preferred industry, geographical location, and more. You can also check other job search platforms like Idealist, Interstride, Indeed, and many more. Indeed has a remote internship page that’s teeming with opportunities you can explore. Also, LinkedIn is another platform that you can search. It has a job section that you can use to narrow down your search. Luckily for you, most of these job sites give you the option of signing up for job alerts. Doing this will ensure you get notified whenever an opportunity pops up for you. Another alternative is attending virtual career fairs or sessions. These sessions will provide you with opportunities to connect with recruiters. Don’t forget to familiarize yourself with software and tools that will come in handy in your remote internship. 

Strategy 6: Prepare For Interviews

After searching through job sites and applying for the remote internship opportunities that appeal to you, you need to prepare for potential interviews. Don’t wait till you get an interview offer before you prepare yourself. Note down vital skills and competencies required for the position you applied for. Also, remember to mention them. Also, find a way to relate these skills to your experience and life. You can check out online interview guides to help you familiarize yourself with the interview process. Also, read up on effective strategies to answer common interview questions. It doesn’t matter if the interview is in person or not. Ensure you’re adequately prepared for an interview online or through a phone call. 

Also, you should prepare a personal interview space. This is very important but usually underemphasized. Virtual interviews need to be as professional as in-person interviews. Background noises can be distracting and portray unprofessionalism. You might also need to practice if you haven’t been in an interview before. You can enlist the help of your close friends, colleagues, or a career advisor to carry out a mock interview for you. This will allow you to practice your answers and get your answers right. Practicing also enables you to avoid remote interview mistakes many people make. When you’re invited for an interview, you need to check your technology and ensure it is in order before the interview. If you do attend an interview, you should send a thank-you note once the interview ends.

Strategy 7: Be Ready to Negotiate

This is the final strategy in finding and landing that perfect remote internship in college. Once you’ve carried out that remote interview, you will be waiting for a call or an email from the employer. Chances are you will get an offer if your interview went well, and of course, you will be excited. When the offer call or email comes in, express your gratitude to the employer and how interested you are. Also, ask for details of the job offer if it wasn’t sent to you in the mail before you commit. 

When you can successfully negotiate some elements of your job offer and professionally, it will help you get what you deserve. Check out the pay and see if it fits your expectations. Also, check out essential elements, like the work schedule, time-off, location, and time flexibility. If you have a problem with any of these aspects, communicate with your prospective employer. Ensure it is professional and communicate the changes you would prefer to the employment terms. You can speak to professionals in the field you’ve networked with previously on the best ways to negotiate and be successful.

How To Make Your Internship Successful?

Congratulations! You found your perfect remote internship in college, and now you’ve begun the internship. Remote internships are a bit more tricky than in-person internships. You want to make the right impression and make the most of your internship. Check out tips below on how you can make your remote internship successful.

  • Learn always to define your goals and what you would like to achieve during the internship. Once you have your goals defined, clearly communicate them to your supervisor.
  • Find a quiet space and designate it your workspace; ensure there are little to no distractions here.
  • Communicate with your supervisor and colleagues regularly so that projects end in a timely fashion and you meet expectations.
  • When working in a team, do what’s expected of you and them more. Ensure that you keep up with deadlines.
  • Always request feedback from teammates and your supervisor. 

Final Thoughts

Finding the perfect remote internship in college is never easy. There are so many factors to take note of and much information to learn. You need to have effective strategies in place to ensure you don’t go for an internship you’ll be miserable in. The strategies provided above will not only ensure you find the perfect remote internship but ensure you land the internship. We’ve also shared salient tips on how you can make your remote internship successful. Follow these strategies, and you will stand out from the crowd. You will also land the perfect remote internship that will set you on the ideal path to your future career and goals.

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