Questions for Interns to Ask Executives In An Interview

A spruced-up resume with glowing credentials and a sharp suit can secure you a seat at the table for an internship interview. Even so, it takes navigating conversations with confidence and having an edge above other candidates to secure the internship. For example, while most people are well prepared to answer questions asked by the interviewer, some give little or no thought to the questions they could ask. Knowing the best questions for interns to ask executives could help you stand out.

You should note that Boring questions can make things worse for you during the interview. You want to ask unique questions to make your interviewers remember you after the meeting and perceive you to be passionate about a specific role.

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  • What to Expect During Internship Interviews
  • The 7 best questions for interns to ask executives
  •  Tips to Help You Prepare the Right Questions to Ask
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What to Expect During Internship Interviews

It is perfectly normal to feel a little anxious as you wait for your turn during an internship interview. One of the best ways to calm your nerves and feel confident during the meeting is to know what to expect. First, you will meet your interviewer and exchange pleasantries before the interview begins. He/she will then evaluate your qualifications and knowledge of the company and your field of interest.

You will also get the chance to ask the interviewer some questions. The idea is to show that you are professional, prepared, and eager to learn. Note that the executives understand that you are new to the workforce, and they don’t expect you to know every detail about the industry. One of the benefits of having a list of questions to ask executives is to ensure that you show your enthusiasm to take on the internship and give your very best. Finally, be sure to express gratitude for the interview opportunity before you leave.

The 13 Best Questions For Interns To Ask Executives

Internship interviews don’t always go as expected. You can never be prepared enough for what the interviewers will ask or their criteria for choosing the most suitable candidate for a specific position. Irrespective of this, it is vital to ensure that you gain thorough knowledge by the end of an interview. Your eagerness to know more about a company or industry may just prove to the executives that you are the perfect intern.

Knowledge about the Company

As you draft your questions for interns to ask executives, it is imperative to think big. First, forget the information available on a company’s website. Second, ask about the not-so-obvious facts. For instance, you could seek to know the history and the future goals of the company.

Sample question:

How did your company begin, and where does it see itself a decade from now?

In brief, as the interviewers’ interview you, you should also assess whether they can offer an opportunity that is a perfect match for your career goals. Then, based on the answer you get, you can weigh whether you will be happy working in a specific company in the long haul. Again, the idea is to have the executives show you the bigger picture of where your career may be headed.

Get To Know More About Your Role

Companies are as different as day and night when it comes to the roles they give their interns. While some companies are happy to let interns learn by trusting them with all kinds of functions, including the delicate ones, others will only turn you into a paper pusher. So, again, forget the job description and gather the information that paints a clear picture of the responsibilities you will take on if you secure the internship.

Sample question:

What will be my responsibilities if I secure this position?

Get as many details as possible and ensure that your internship will be mutually beneficial for you and the company.

Find Out Whom You Will Be Working With

They say that teamwork makes the dream work. It is necessary to know what to expect in terms of managers, supervisors, and even team members. While a great team can keep you looking forward to the next day of work, a great supervisor and manager can create great opportunities for you to thrive in your career. At the very least, make sure you like the person you will be working under.

Sample question:

Who will be my supervisor, and what is his/her leadership style?

The person responsible for supervising interns will likely be in the room. Direct this question to him/her and determine whether you are compatible with their leadership style and preferences.

Find Out What You Stand To Gain

Internships often involve spending a lot of time and energy gaining industry experience. One of the best questions for interns to ask executives is what gains are in store for them. This question may help you decide whether a specific position is the right fit for you. You want to know what you will be getting into and ensure that you will not be that intern scanning papers, shredding documents, and photocopying contracts all day long.

Sample question:

What do I stand to gain, and what does achievement look like in this role?

There are several gains you could reap from an internship. They include money, experience, job satisfaction, and a feeling of personal accomplishment. Asking the right questions will help you understand which of these gains you can expect.

Ask About The Challenges To Expect

Not even the best companies in your area can promise you a smooth sail all year round. However, asking about the expected challenges will allow you to prepare to tackle them early in advance. It is certainly a tricky question to ask, but you should ask it anyway. After all, interviewers never shy away from coming at interviewees’ guns blazing.

Sample question:

What are the typical challenges that come with this role?

Challenges are good. They help you to learn and gain invaluable industry experience. However, challenges that promise career growth are not insurmountable.

Find Out What The Future Of Interns Looks Like In The Company

A lot of interns are happy to turn internship positions into full-time employment. If these are your intentions, too, find out whether a specific company can offer the career path you have always yearned for. While some companies offer several growth positions, others can only upgrade you from the guy who does coffee runs into the guy that doesn’t do coffee runs—not much of an upgrade.

Sample question:

What career development path comes with this role?

The need to know what you are getting into cannot be stressed enough. Even a temporary internship position can offer you a great experience if you are afforded the chance to try out new challenges as you advance your skills. The above question is just a clever way of asking when the employer we’ll hire and when you can expect a promotion. Also, avoid asking direct questions about the salary and benefits to expect.

Direct At Least One Question to the Interviewer

The best questions for interns to ask executives can help you build rapport with the interviewers. They can ensure the executives remember your name, face, and credentials once you leave the room. There is no better way of doing this than asking a direct question to the executives. Your interviewer is also human, and he/she will love to share details about personal experiences with the company.

Sample question:

How can you describe your own experience working for this organization?

The idea is to tap into your interviewer’s mind and find out what it’s like to work with a specific company. Then, if they claim that an organization has set them up for success in their professional path, the same could be in store for you if you seal the deal and start working as an intern.

Ask about The Company’s Culture

It is essential to find out what to expect of the work environment. For example, is there a strict dress code? Does the company ensure employees have a healthy work-life balance?

Sample question:

How can you describe the company’s culture?

The answer you receive may help you gauge an organization’s employee satisfaction rate.

Question for Interns to ask Interviewers; What are my Growth Opportunities?

Knowing about the company’s professional growth opportunities will make the executives assume that you are interested in the bigger picture.

Sample question:

What happens upon a successful internship period?

  Find Out A Company’s Key Priorities

Companies are different in their styles of measuring success. If you have applied for a long-term internship that you hope will turn into a permanent job, it is crucial to understand the expectations of a company. Another good question for interns to ask executives is as follows:

Sample question:

What do you expect me to accomplish during my internship?

  Get to Know What a Normal Day Looks Like For Interns

Securing an internship interview in the best tech company in the city is good. However, it is not good enough if your days will not involve handling impactful tasks within the tech department.

Sample question:

What roles do you trust your interns to handle?

  Seek To Go That Extra Mile

Getting an internship position is one thing and keeping the job is another. Unfortunately, the majority of great organizations provide growth opportunities only to interns who show stellar performance.

Sample question:

What skills are the most vital to excel in a specific role?

  Find Out What Is The Deal Breaker

Just about all companies have strict rules and regulations that govern how employees work within different departments. Irrespective of your skills or position in the company, there is likely to be a particular deal killer.

Sample question:

How can I ensure I’m indispensable to this company?

Tips to Help You Prepare the Right Questions to Ask

The above questions are superb. However, you could also craft the questions that will help you get specific information about a company, interns’ roles, and the expected growth. Here are surefire tips to help you prepare a personalized list of questions for interns to ask executives.

Research the Company

The last thing you want is to ask questions whose answers are publicly available. It is vital to go through the company website and read everything, including the mission and objectives. Be sure also to check out their social media pages for more info. 

Check Out Linkedin Profiles

The majority of company executives have Linkedin profiles. You could check them out to learn more about their academic and professional journeys. Find out how long they have been in the company and establish whether they have changed roles over time. Knowing this information will help you craft thoughtful questions that can help build rapport.

Reflect On the Roles You Will Take On

You want to prepare to ace it during your internship interview. The easiest way to do so is to act as if you already have the job. Think about the duties a company will entrust you with and the possible challenges you may face. Also, check out an internship’s job description and break it down piece by piece to have an in-depth understanding of what will be expected of you and what an ideal candidate for a specific role should be.

Prepare A List Of Questions For Interns to ask Executives

Highly likely, you will only get the chance to ask a question or two. While this is the case, it makes sense to prepare at least ten excellent questions you could ask your interviewers. The idea is to create a safe buffer and be prepared to ask the right question, irrespective of how an interview unfolds. In addition, asking questions shows the executives that you are professional and prepared.

Go Ahead And Impress Your Interviewer!

We have shared 13 excellent questions for interns to ask executives. You also have a comprehensive list of tips to help you create personalized questions that will make you look intelligent and eager to take on your internship roles. While the information we have offered can take you a step closer to landing your dream internship, the easiest way to impress interviewers is to remain confident and professional, and confident throughout the meeting. Be sure to maintain reasonable eye contact, a professional speech rate, and the use of full words when responding to questions.

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